Sunday, August 16, 2009

Masks! And a little scratchboard.

Sorry I've been so quiet lately! I'm preparing for DragonCon, working on a project for a client, and taking care of a sick family member all at the same time. However, here's a peek of what I've been working on lately.

Iridescent Gryphon Leather and Feather Mask:

I've been slowly getting the feel of working with leather. This is my second mask, hand-tooled and shaped from 6 or 7 oz leather. I made a mistake in picking up the wrong weight leather, so it's not as sturdy as an 8-oz mask would be. It's still a good mask, though, and sits comfortably on the face. I painted it to compliment the iridescent feathers.

Dreaming Falcon Leather Mask:

With this mask, I finally got away from my fear of non-earth tones. I admit, I love browns and greens just too much. This mask is loosely based on one of the falcons in my painting, Apparition. There are iridescent and pearlescent painted portions.

Summer Bird Leather Mask:

Here is my most recent mask, made from 8-oz leather. It's definitely a lot stiffer and harder to cut!!! I suppose both weights have their advantages and disadvantages. This was my first attempt at incorporating a stone in with the design. In the center is a green agate cabochon. Originally I was going to paint this bright and flashy, but after putting a glaze of Hooker's Green over the reddish-brown-dyed mask, it demanded more subdued tones with highlights of yellow and green. I think it's better this way.


It's been a while since I've used scratchboard, and there's always been a good response to them at fantasy conventions. I created this specially for the DragonCon art show. It's only 5X7 inches, but that's HUGE when you're working with scratchboard! This isn't the paper kind, but the Ampersand brand, which is on masonite with a white clay base.