Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blue Falcon Leather and Feather Mask

After making all these masks, I figured I should wear one for Halloween. Except, the mask I wanted to wear (my Dusklight Raven Mask) was bought by someone else who had the same idea! No matter, I went and made a personal mask all my own:

Hand-tooled and hand-shaped 7-oz leather, painted with acrylics, and adorned with feathers. None of the feathers here are from actual birds of prey - they're all pheasant, chicken, and rooster plumes.

I hope I find a fun excuse to wear it on Halloween!


  1. do you sell these? this is amazing!

  2. Hi Jayson,

    Thanks! Yes, I do sell my masks! I have a few currently up for sale in my Etsy shop: and I also have a gallery of the masks I've made here:

  3. beautiful craftsmanship, do you use leather water stain or acrylics to paint your masks?