Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I meant to post work in progress scans as I painted this, but I got so caught up I forgot! Here is the finished painting:

The main difference between this and all my older paintings is the inclusion of two important colors I never used before: Aureolin Yellow and Rose Madder Genuine. After recently reading A Watercolor Artist's Guide to Exceptional Color by Jan Hart, I learned that the yellow I had been using previously - Cadmium Yellow - was closer to a yellow-orange instead of a pure yellow, as Aureolin is. Therefore, my 'yellows' were always darker and redder. I also had never really had a true magenta, which I now have with Rose Madder Genuine. Adding these two colors has expanded my palette immensely and solved many of the color issues I was having before.

I also discovered that Rose Madder smells just like Froot Loops. I am completely serious.


  1. LMAO!
    Genuine Rose madder in winsor newton I'm assuming?
    The queen Commissioned the addition of rose oil into the madder colour because the scent of the madder root was offensive to her :P
    THUS rose madder.
    It does smell fruit loopy though, i never thought it was as offensive as rose oil normally is to me XD


    That painting is gorgeous :D

  2. Really?! That's incredible! I never knew such a fact, but it makes complete sense! The scent of the Windsor and Newton rose madder genuine definitely is not a 'natural' paint smell (such as the sulfur in Ultramarine violet and some other colors), so I was wondering why it smelled so odd. Such a cool fact!