Friday, February 27, 2009

Barn Owl Detail

The barn owl painting is almost complete, and this will be the last work in progress before the painting is complete. As mentioned in my first thesis post, I will not be posting the finished paintings online until after I complete my thesis. However, once that is complete (in May), I will post all the finished paintings here for everyone to see. And, as always, I will continually be posting sketches and works in progress of each thesis painting as I work on it.

These owls are not done yet, but they are very close!

And, as I was waiting for one of my stretched sheets of watercolor paper to dry, I did a quick, miniature painting of a barn owl as more practice. This is actually in ATC/ACEO format (2.5 X 2.5 inches). If your monitor resolution is 1024 X 768, then the size on your screen is close to the painting's actual size.


  1. Eeee that's just so AWESOME! The masking fluid worked well to get the little white speckle markings. The one in mid-flight is especially impressive^_^

  2. These are absolutely beautiful!

    I love the treatment you use on the feathers. They look as soft as they really are!