Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jaguar Kamathawa

Although this blog is meant primarily to show the process of my thesis paintings, I felt this one piece of personal work was relevant enough, in a way, to post here.

As mentioned before when posting the works in progress of the harpy eagle painting, I mentioned Kamathawa, the divine harpy eagle of Baniwa belief. Kamathawa is thought to bring summer and end the rains, and its feathers are considered to have power to those who possess them. According to Guardians of the Cosmos: Baniwa Shamans and Prophets by Robin M. Wright, "its predatory quality is enhanced by the title "Jaguar" Kamathawa."

This, of course, is not a portrayal of the Kamathawa of the Baniwa people, but rather an inspiration from their legends and descriptions. And, of course, the term "Jaguar Kamathawa" served as a springboard for inspiration for this particular gryphon.

This watercolor and white gouache painting is 11X14 inches on Arches cold-press watercolor paper.


  1. Stunning! The unusual mythology choice is very cool.

  2. Seus pincéis são mágicos, você conseguiu pegar um pouco da alma de Kamathawa. Talvez você já tenha "feathers de kamathawa" e não saiba.
    Seu blog é inspirador!
    Abraços do Amazonas / Brasil.