Friday, July 19, 2013

Akhraiiu - Gryphon Portrait Process

I'm trying to work more in acrylic, so for the upcoming Dragon Con Art Show, I planned on having a number of acrylic pieces.  Below are three process shots of an 8X10 inch acrylic on board painting of a gryphon portrait.

Basic values in gray, with a greenish gray background.  At this point I am to find the light and shadow.

Basic Details:
Details, still in grays.  I start to tighten the detail on the feathers and face.

Here I start putting in glazes of color, going thicker where I want more vibrant color.  Since I already have my shadows established, I can simply concentrate on color.  I also deepen the shadows that went dull with the glazes with more color, for example adding a bit of green and black with the burnt sienna to make a deep, rich shadow for the feathers.  I'm only using a few colors at this point - burnt sienna and green gold for the feathers, with black and white. 

Final Details:
I add a bit of green and raw umber to the background to really make the reds of the gryphon pop.  To make the palette even more interesting, I add just a touch of permanent rose and dioxazine purple to the rearmost feathers.  All in all the colors I used were:

Burnt Sienna
Hooker's Green
Green Gold
Burnt Ochre
Permanent Rose
Dioxazine Purple
Raw Umber
Mars Black
Titanium White
Unbleached Titanium (for some areas where I wanted a less stark white)
Phthalocyanine Green (for the jewel details)
Colbalt Blue (just a touch for the cool gray of the beak)


  1. Your work is Beautiful!! You render the detail of feathers most skillfully. I always loved the Gryphon, and you paint them very true to life from their raptor origins.

  2. Thank you! I try to make my gryphons as anatomically accurate to their bird and feline bases :)