Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Harpy Eagle Progress - 2

I got a bit caught up in painting and forgot to take a progress photo, so it's closer to finished than I meant for a progress shot!

And the progress of the saker falcon study:

I'm being a bit more liberal with my use of white gouache on the saker study. I haven't used it for more than just minor opaque effects, and I really wanted to make this a study of both of the bird and use of an unfamiliar media.


  1. The piece with the harpy eagle is coming along really really well! The background looks great too. I love the areas where the different colors bleed into each other a little bit.

  2. Thank you! I'm still working on it, but it's coming along.

  3. oh man that dappled foliage texture is awesome. It's looking great!

    Just a minor suggestion. Perhaps take down the intensity of the far off foliage texture with a light wash of cerulean or cobalt? Or perhaps even Ochre? It's fighting a bit with the texture of the bird (especially near his wing). The foliage in the far background also seems to bleed from undetailed on the left side to detailed in the middle which is a strange contract. This may very well be because it's not 100% finished though.

    Douh you're probably already done with this anywaysXD I need to check my blog posts sooner!

  4. and that'd be 'contrast' and not 'contract'. *forehead smack*

  5. mysticalfeathers: Thanks!

    Angela: Ahahah, yes, I finished this one a few days ago, so these progress shots aren't very accurate. XD I did put more blue in the further-off forest and there's far more variation in the foliage than just 'green.'

  6. ahah figures! Can't wait to see the finished product:)